Welcome at the web site of Dini Commandeur. I've written quite a lot of columns for various magazines. I also write short stories every now and then. These columns and stories are available for everybody here. I'll release new columns and stories periodically.


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Happy Holidays

column December 2005 Thursday 15 December 2005 December, the holiday month.  The best, most fun month of the year, according to many.  But for others this month is a disaster.  What do you mean, “a happy St. Nicholas celebration”?  Where is that peaceful Christmas atmosphere?  What is so beautiful about the noisy bangs of fireworks? ... and if only it was January 2nd already. 

About friendship

Column November 2005 Tuesday 15 November 2005 They were girl friends, our miniature parrot, Aggie, and Lemon, the parakeet. They visited each other regularly and most of the time that was fun. They chirped happily, but they had their fights, too, and could viciously bite each other. Still, they were close. More...

Leeuwarden.....of all places

column August 2005 Monday 15 August 2005 This time, I wanted to write a column about Leeuwarden, but never before have I had so much trouble putting something together. I'm flabbergasted. Isn't Leeuwarden interesting enough to write about? Isn't my own town worth dedicating words to? "Leeuwarden, of all places," said an acquaintance from the middle of the country not too long ago, who had planned to visit us and wondered why on earth we lived here. More...

About Joshua and the personal relation to columns

column June 2005 Wednesday 15 June 2005 At the retirement party of Mr. Offringa one of my readers told me that she especially enjoyed it when she could personally relate to the contents of a column.  I immediately took note of that, but was also presented with a dilemma: The wishes of my readers are important to me and, therefore, I’d like to write a piece that one can relate to, but this time I also really wanted to write about something my young pen pal Sun recently told me about life in Lard Yao, an infamous jailhouse in Bangkok. More...

Oh, wonderful, the Internet!

column February 2005 Tuesday 15 February 2005

Recently, I sat in the train to Utrecht, when in Zwolle five women boarded, sat down in my vicinity, and clearly made their presence known.  They were not spring chickens anymore, the youngest perhaps pushing fourty and the others well on their way to sixty.  They practiced Art, I overheard, with a capital A.  They were on their way to some Art event and were fascinated by Art .  The youngest looked artistic as well; raven black hair and solid black clothing.  I don’t understand why some people love to wear black while it really doesn’t suit them.  Black is a slimming color, but black also makes the face look pale and often that’s more obvious than that extra layer of fat.  Artists in particular have an affinity for black, I’ve noticed, so presumably it’s some sort of artistic expression.


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