Welcome at the web site of Dini Commandeur. I've written quite a lot of columns for various magazines. I also write short stories every now and then. These columns and stories are available for everybody here. I'll release new columns and stories periodically.


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The line between good and evil

Column December 2006 Friday 15 December 2006 It is unbelievable how the years fly by. My mother always said: The older you get, the faster the time appears to pass. She was right. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with life. So much happens. As always, this past year came with its ups and downs. More...


column September 2006 Friday 15 September 2006 The cats are spread out on the sofa, in a deep sleep and totally relaxed..  It would almost make you jealous - what a life!  Water and chow always ready, they’ve got the run of the house, are free to go outside, and they get lots of attention.  You’d almost wish that in your next life you would return as a cat. More...

The last week of June

column July 2006 Saturday 15 July 2006 It was quite the week, the last week of June.  I had to get started on a column, the deadline was approaching, but other matters distracted me.  It started with the Dutch “Orange” team’s exit from the battlefield of the soccer world championship. Gone was the party mood, over with the excitement, players and supporters licked their wounds and each returned to the daily grind. More...

Who is perfect?

Column May 2006 Monday 15 May 2006 While surfing the internet looking for information on a book by Guus Kuijer I stumbled upon a website about Heleen van Royen, a talented writer and a good columnist.  Perhaps you remember the article she wrote about the famous freeholder Rob Oudkerk?  This man told Heleen that he likes pornography and sometimes visits the ladies of ill repute. More...

With blood, sweat, and tears…

column March 2006. Translation Maria O'Neill Wednesday 15 March 2006

America, October 2005... The weather forecasts are issuing warnings about hurricane Wilma, but she’s still a long way off, so we, my friend Gerda, her seven-year-old son Dakota, and I, are driving through Florida without a worry.


Just something fun

column January 2006 Sunday 15 January 2006 In January 2003, I wrote a column about my migraine attacks entitled “Every day a feast day”.  Since then, three years have passed and still every day without a headache is a feast day.  Even now I’m not rid of those migraines.  Today it’s another one of those headache days.  I lie down in bed in a darkened room.  The painkillers don’t do their job, I can’t sleep, and I am thinking about things.  What else could I do? More...

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