Welcome at the web site of Dini Commandeur. I've written quite a lot of columns for various magazines. I also write short stories every now and then. These columns and stories are available for everybody here. I'll release new columns and stories periodically.


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A New Time

Column December 2007 Saturday 15 December 2007 Like so many people, I often lay awake at night for a little while. That’s not really a problem since experience has taught me that sleep will eventually return providing you don’t get yourself worked up over such sleeplessness. It’s nighttime and I am awake, thinking about Anton. More...

Memory 1,000 Gigabytes

Column October 2007 Monday 15 October 2007 Recently, I read an article that stated that in order to train the memory it is good to solve Sudoku puzzles and to no longer use a shopping list but to memorize the needed items instead.  I don’t do well with Sudoku puzzles because numbers annoy me.

Where is the eagle?

Column July 2007 Sunday 15 July 2007 We are on vacation and spend it in our second homeland, America.  It is wonderful to be back!  There is so much to see, but today we are having a quiet day.  We are sitting in the garden of our motel and are enjoying the beautiful weather. More...

Catching up

Column May 2007 Tuesday 15 May 2007 On my way to the mailbox I ran into a girlfriend and what normally would take just a few minutes (walking to the mailbox, inserting the mail, and walking back to the house) this time around took a lot longer.  My girlfriends and I always have much to tell each other and we don’t easily run out of things to talk about. More...

Running and Rowimg

Column February 2007 Thursday 15 February 2007 As age started to become noticeable I couldn’t jump out of bed as flexibly as I used to and, therefore, I thought I should start moving around a bit more.  I decided on rowing, because the guy at the sport store had said that a rowing machine would be a very good choice since it works out almost all your muscles. More...

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