Welcome at the web site of Dini Commandeur. I've written quite a lot of columns for various magazines. I also write short stories every now and then. These columns and stories are available for everybody here. I'll release new columns and stories periodically.


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About Christmas cards, friendship, and a wonderful bus trip

Wednesday 30 December 2009 The mailmen had a difficult time right before Christmas with mountains of snow in the streets and on the sidewalks. Nevertheless, “our” mailman still delivered loads of Christmas cards every day from all parts of the country, but also from Sweden, Greece, France and, of course, from overseas, because our correspondence friends from Thailand and America sent beautiful Christmas cards as well. More...


Saturday 15 August 2009 We went to the Juttersmarkt in the city of Den Helder. It was busy, but not too busy, and the weather was beautiful; not too hot, not too cold, just right. More...

Who makes me laugh

July 15 2009 Wednesday 15 July 2009 A friend of mine has the motto: “Start the day with a smile, not with a tear.” A nice outlook on life. Although I do not awaken every day with a smile, most of the time I do start a new day in a good mood. However, a few days ago I woke up with a sense of dread. More...

The First Digital

June 22 2009 Monday 22 June 2009 Years ago, long before the era of the Internet, e-mails, and sms text messaging had started, I spotted an interesting advertisement in the publication “Opzij”: More...

The Last One

InterFace 2009, number 2 June 15 Monday 15 June 2009

Interface has a new format. It will take some getting used to, but that won't be a problem, since we certainly are familiar with changes and renovations.


Not usually that friendly…

Column January 2009 Thursday 15 January 2009 In August of last year, we spent a few days in the beautiful city of Nijmegen (in the east of The Netherlands). There, in a little square called “Doddendaal” to be exact, I made a tumble because I didn’t see a pothole in the sidewalk. More...

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