Welcome at the web site of Dini Commandeur. I've written quite a lot of columns for various magazines. I also write short stories every now and then. These columns and stories are available for everybody here. I'll release new columns and stories periodically.


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A warm welcome

Saturday 29 October 2011 Soon I will be leaving for a few weeks stay in de States, America, my "second homeland". I'm looking forward to it. But the only thing I dread, is the journey. Not so much the journey itself, as the waiting at airports, the lines at customs, and the so often blunt behavior of the customs officers. More...

An afternoon in the town

Sunday 04 September 2011 The weather is gorgeous and I wander through the town. It’s busy in the city center with many tourists and visitors present for the day, tourist maps in hand, photo cameras at the ready. More...

Books, books, books

Sunday 04 September 2011 Almost two years ago I wrote a piece on this site about Den Helder, our visit to the Juttersmarkt (Beach Combers Market) and the book fair there, where we bought some magnificent books. It had made my day! More...

Comfort from Above

Sunday 24 April 2011 Most of my correspondence friends behind bars are very religious. I correspond with Christians, Muslims, and Buddhists, and much is written about their religion. Reason enough for me to think about an article about religion while in detention. More...

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