Welcome at the web site of Dini Commandeur. I've written quite a lot of columns for various magazines. I also write short stories every now and then. These columns and stories are available for everybody here. I'll release new columns and stories periodically.


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To the music

Monday 30 November 2015 Afterwards, she should have paid more attention, Jilda thought.
She should have picked up the signals. But who in the world would have thought that a new colleague, a volunteer in a nursing home off all, would be so nasty that she even put a patient in danger? More...


Sunday 08 November 2015 We talked about it for a while. Eggs from our own hens. It seemed like so much fun, and so tasty too. And with an enormous extra profit. Our own laying hens wouldn’t have to live in a big group, so there will be less chance for deceases and our hens wouldn’t need “precautious” medication, like for example antibiotics. More...

The guardian angel

Short story, published in Zmagazine, December 1999 Saturday 31 October 2015 That life on earth became more and more busy and that it was so noisy down there, we knew already here above. And we, of the Association of female Guardian Angels, we suffered terrible from that noise. It was almost impossible to do our jobs.

“It cannot go on like this,” the Head of our Association said. More...

The Tourist

Tuesday 27 October 2015 June 2015. At the last day of our holiday we strolled down the centre of a cozy town in the South of the country. We passed a church where someone was playing the organ and we decided to listen to it for a while. More...

A dignified life

Monday 17 August 2015 For good fourteen years I am corresponding with people under sentence of death or imprisonment for life in America. Most prisoners I write to have been behind bars for decades already. Those sentenced to death are not allowed to work, and stay in their cell some 23 hours a day, alone or with a cellmate. More...

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