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The Last One

InterFace 2009, number 2 June 15 Monday 15 June 2009

Interface has a new format. It will take some getting used to, but that won't be a problem, since we certainly are familiar with changes and renovations.

After fifteen years of writing columns for Interface, the end has come. Computation is not my strong suit, but it must have been about ninety of them, all of which I have written with much pleasure, although one may have flown from my pen more smoothly than another and sometimes there were situations that made writing difficult, such as illness or family circumstances.  Still, as long as I had a topic in mind the column followed pretty quickly. That's how it would have been with Interface number two of this year. The inspiration came from my former neighbor girl, Chantal. I had not seen her in a long time but now I met her again at the birthday party of a friend. This girl, who I remembered as a toddler and grammar school child, had since grown into a beautiful teenager of nearly fifteen. She was born during the time that I started writing for Interface (then called Bancorama) and had lived a few years in our street so I had shared part of her early childhood. Now, we sat next to each other on the sofa and I had a fascinating discussion with this beautiful girl that provided me with the inspiration for the Interface column. That column I would never write, because shortly thereafter the news came that I had to wait until there would be more clarity about the continuation of Interface. That clarity is now there: Interface will continue but in another format and with a different appearance and so this is my farewell column. Taking leave is never easy and, therefore, this is the most difficult piece I have ever written for Interface.

Let me start with a word of thanks to you, my readers. We didn't have frequent contact, but now and then I would simply run into some of you in the city, at a employee party, or some other gathering. Sometimes, you would express your appreciation for my columns, which made me feel good. There even were some women who made me blush when they remarked that I should publish the columns in a book. Unfortunately, that doesn't pay for just a few pieces - much too expensive. It was also very special to be greeted in the city by people entirely unknown to me. "Good day, Dini", or "Hey Dini," I would hear, but I had no idea who those friendly people were. For those whom I did not greet in return: It wasn't rudeness - I was simply too flabbergasted to greet you back as you quickly disappeared from my sight. Herewith, a belated but heartfelt greeting to you.

A word of thanks to my spouse, for making the photographs, editing, and neatly arranging the columns in Word, solving computer problems, and providing gallons of tea and chocolates while I was writing.

I also wish to thank the redaction for the beautiful Christmas bouquets and all other nice gifts I received during the month of December. They were much appreciated!

On the wall in my office there is still a list of Interface deadlines for this year, which now may be removed. All this doesn't mean that I will stop writing. The columns for Interface may be a thing of the past, but writing I cannot abandon. There is still so much to say, so many stories to tell. Thankfully, Interface continues on paper. I will go on digitally at www.dinicommandeur.nl All columns for Interface are on my weblog, as well as other columns and stories, and new pieces will be added regularly.

I don't really like to say goodbye, so I just leave you with this. We certainly will run into one another somewhere...

Best of luck to you all.

Text:Dini Commandeur,Translation:Maria O’Neill


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